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Quite impressive title right? I took inspiration from AJATT,  He’s a god-like when comes to create titles ^^ (and He’s handsome :P)

Yeah, dude, my second post in English for my project in Japanese. However, isn’t about Japanese, it’s about my routine, and my routine in front of my PC. While I write this I’m decided to change it, I”m not going to turn my pc on as soon as I wake up in the morning, I’m going to time-box Him, yeah that’s it, specially for Japanese, but for all other “pleasure” things that in the end of the day, you said: “damn it, I did it again, no real prizes at all”. Well, I read a lot interesting things on the internet, a lot of blogs, a lot of researches, a lot of things I love, but, yeah, but, I can’t reach important things forward, I can’t do that anymore, it’s a sin, it’s a mortal sin. For example:

I have some short stories, a teenager fiction and some writing studies that I want to do and I just couldn’t cuz of this Devil’s Box. However, mnmlist made want that , not a vacation, but the thing smart people do, put things where they belong and for me, internet is one of them. I’ve been losing so many opportunities around me to go to concrete things and good ones, but no, I prefer to sit and be stupid. Be stupid if you want to, but me, I’m gonna enjoy my REAL life.


Ok, my first post in english here, and also my first post about my japanese studies. It’s tough to keep a thing between languages, i mean, a blog. Well, I wanted to share an idea that I had yesterday about my journey into japanese fluency.

I was tired, lot of things coming out saying ‘solve me’, ‘solve me’ and I was really unmotivated to study or start anything in japanese, I was basically reading, listening and watching animes, with not too much effort on srs.

So, I had an epiphany: “you know what, muchaco? I will restart everything. I deleted every single deck here and you know why? Because it was BORING. Few things on my decks attracted me. I’ve started to recreate my decks with my OWN things and not people’s/textbook’s things… I’m reading now 猫とねずみ from this wonderful  blog (^^) and srsing the thing on my mnemosyne to learn the phrases that I don’t know, also trying to implement things I watch, read on my decks. Let’s see if works… wooo, the nice  new fresh air that I breathe. mata!